Catalano Cersaie 04


Starting with the idea of representing the work made by Catalano to define the largest family of sanitaries ever ( the “C program” ), the concept for this stand was showing all range of products inside a monumental structure composed by a repetition of a hollow prismatic element which creates many different spaces, covered on the inside with prints over photographics. A platform covered with black polished plastic material is the base which supports all these elements positioned in a way to constantly giving the public a complete vision of all the products of the families componing the “C program”.

The stand is the last step of a comunication project made for Catalano which associates to each one of the 5 systems (C1, C2, C3, Cx, C) an illustration made by Antonio Cau. The colors and the macrographic of each box are connected to these illustration and at the same time respect the colors which identify every system.

Perpendiculary positioned to the main 5 elements, there is another big box which was obliged by the necessity of creating a private exhibition area where “the new ideas” of Catalano could be possibly exhibited. In the same area there are also a private office and a “relax” area, connected by a storage.


Location: Bologna, Italy
Project:   A. Barilari, F. Barilari (FBA) + C. Martino (STUDIOMARTINO.5)
Program:	Urban Planning, New Harbour, Technical harbour and areas, Parking Buildings, Public spaces, 
Photos:   Studio Ciapetti, Studiomartino.5 srl
Builder:   Tecnoartigiana srl
Area:  	240 sqm
Date:       Completed in october 2004



- Selected for the “ADI INDEX 2005



- “BOX 60 - progetti e percorsi” - 2006

- “IL BAGNO 222” – dec 2005

- “OTTAGONO 185” – nov 2005

- “AIT 1/2 – 2005