Hanging House


A sensitive architecture which gives the feeling of being at home. An autenticy of material choosen carefuly for this construction.

Color as an emotional factor. Pure geometries as abstraction. Our aim is to give life to an architectural space which is at once abstract and figurative ascribing a labyrinth-like articulation to geometrically pure shapes.

The context is a 16th century building, is an an italian historical center, is a strong tradition made by quality of life and artistical research through the centuries. The new and the old relate on an emotional, functional and structural level .

Function is what distinguishes architecture from other arts. Placing together real materials with tactile qualities favour daily life. Wood, iron, coconut texture and old Travertino marble are all used on the basis of specific qualities.

The old walls tell a long history: has been our aim not to stop this history: the new speaks the language of “non finished”..

Little room was left to the “in studio” technical design- much more to the “work in progress” sketches on the building site.

Structurally the mezanine is suspended in order to avoid taking room from the space below.


Location:        	Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Client:     		Granato
Project:    	F. Barilari,  A. Barilari
Program:      	Project and realization
Area:        	Ground floor  34.5 sqm
Date:               2001 completed



• 1st prize INARCH AWARDS 2001 – “Opera Prima”